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In honor of #TeenWolf season 3 finale. The #MCM is #DylanObrien . The bae looking fine . #StilesStilinski

My sunshine just followed me. I finally got 1/3 of Emblem3. Yay ! Aaaggghhhh . Omfg !
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ⓗⓢ Happy 20th Birthday to my boy Harry. I love you so damn much. Your my idol & make me smile every single day with your stupideness. Your kind, giving & talented. Please keep humble, dont let the medias shit get to you. Have fun, party hard & be safe. Your always gonna be the same cheeky 16 year old from the bakery in Cheshire & always make ur mom & sis proud. Thank you for giving ppl a reason to smile. ツ Love you babe ! ♡ ♬


i wonder if there is anyone nervous to talk to me.

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Happy 21st Birthday to my sunshine, Zayn Malik ! You’re growing up & ur just a Bradford boy. Um you’re the reason for my happiness. You went from being the boy of Bradford to the biggest boyband star . Yet that doesnt change who u are. Um ppl judge u on and on about ur religion, yet dont know that u have donated so much to charity and spend much of ur free time doing so. I love u for who u are. Just know that u inspire so many and save ppls lives. Ur always gonna be that shy, comic book nerd, that draws for fun and is such a terrible dancer haha. Thank you so much Zayn ! Love you and have a fab birthday.

Gonna Watch #ThisIsUs OMG OMG !!!! #OneDirection #1D #LouisTomlinson #NiallHoran #HarryStyles #LiamPayne #ZaynMalik #Proud #Movie #Documentary

Look what i got aye !!! :) Gonna look for the rest of the boys. #ZaynMalik #17Mag #SeventeenMagizine #OneDirection


tumblr gets a lot more fun when you stop taking your blog and notes and followers so seriously and you just do what you want and not care if people dont like it

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